Is there another word that can be repeated like Love was  in Henry James quote “Love Loves to Love Love” and still make sense?  The writer submits to you DESIRE. 

Desire (or Summation of Will): Desire for the image in our brain about the object, but not the object itself.

e.g. Sex–general sexual desire without any object per se. ( if you really look closely)

Touch, See, Hear >>leads to>>>Contact>>leads to>>Sensation>>leads to>>Object & Thought to obtain it>>leads to>>“Desire”

When Thought identifies itself with Sensation and whatever it sees/touches/hears, Desire kicks in.  Thought creates the image.

Can you have sensation, thus see>>>contact>>>sensation but without thought of the image and desire?

Can you have transformation with Desire? As mentioned above, you have an image of transformation but not transformation itself, so no, you can not have transformation with Desire.  This is quite a profound statement!!!

So, all that we have learned about desire and motivation in environments such as the business world, are off base. They lead us astray. We are inviting you to see that this may be the case. If this is so, which the writer believes it to be so, since the Great Ones including Krishnamurti and the Buddha have said it in places like this video on Whether there can be Progress without Desire and this article on Dependent Origination: The Twelve Links Explained.

This website is devoted to Desire at Work.

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