Guilt–we put it to the side because we had to see that it is not a problem.  It is not something to be gotten over.  It is a fact.  You have done something, it is a fact.  You feel guilty, it is a fact.  And you stay with it.  With stillness, you stay with it.  You study it.  You observe it.  You are not separate from it.  You don’t have to do anything that is not separate from you.  Otherwise, if you feel it is separate from you, it feels like you need help dealing with it.

You see all of its subtleties, where it hides.  It is like a jewel.  You see all the points and you are the center of all this.  It is a rather unpleasant jewel, but it is still your jewel.   And you stay with it.  Like a flower.  Seeing the fact is like the seed.   And you let it grow.  If you pull at the roots, it won’t continue to grow.  So, please pay attention, you see the fact, you let it grow, and it will bloom and wither away.  You can do this with any issue: sex, god, anything.