Why Do We Have Problems?

From childhood, we are conditioned in problems.  We go to school to learn how to read and write.  Right away, the child feels pressure & tries to please others.  It becomes a problem and our brain is conditioned in problems.  The brain begins to look for problems.  Years and years of repetitive behavior.  It is […]

What’s Your Approach to It?

What’s Your Approach to a Problem?  Do you use that intervention or that one?  Can you approach a problem as if seeing it for the first time?  Or do you always approach a problem with some background knowledge, which is Desire?

Do You Want It Wiped Away?

When you have an emotional issue, can you take a moment to see how you are feeling? Not try to label it so much as see the feeling, not the word that describes that feeling. Do you want your feeling or problem wiped away, so you don’t have your brain caught up in all that? […]

Staying With the Jewel

Guilt–we put it to the side because we had to see that it is not a problem.  It is not something to be gotten over.  It is a fact.  You have done something, it is a fact.  You feel guilty, it is a fact.  And you stay with it.  With stillness, you stay with it.  […]