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Here are a few cool sites: About Us Odabi: Odabi’s Story Demo

Additional options

The way you keep the processes assigned to the correct timeline is by Categories.  Within the category, you have an order of processes to keep it straight.  Depending on the Timeline you choose, you can add icons or images.  Plus, you will see that RankMath, the SEO app has settings in this Process section as […]

New Process

This is where you add a new process and choose 1 of 4 different types of timelines.    

This is a Vertical Timeline.

This is Step #3 in a Horizontal Timeline!

What is a Timeline

How to Solve a Problem

A Timeline is a chronological order of events.  In most cases, it is a line with dates, events or actions.  It is a graphic representation of the passage of time as a line–time and space. Elements: Tasks that are to be accomplished in a project. Dates of tasks. Duration of tasks. Dependencies between tasks.

Stumbling Upon

WP Process Plugin

Luckily, I stumbled upon this WP Process plugin when doing a google search.  It was in the images section and when I clicked on it, it took me WP plugins.  It is called Process Steps Template Designer!  Not only does it help with processes but it is also a Timeline Plugin!  

What is a Problem?

According to the dictionary, a problem is something thrown at you, something you have to answer. So, while our brain is filled with problems, we try to solve them as if something is being thrown at us. Like in politics, a politician tries to solve a problem and in that solution, it creates a dozen […]

You Are Your Quality

We try to solve problems with a brain that is already filled with problems.  Can our brain, which is so active and alive–judging, chattering, etc., can the brain stay with this fact.  I am my quality, my anger, jealousy, all the rest of it.  Because the minute you are separate from your quality, there is […]

Uncondition the Brain

Is it possible to un-condition the brain? If you say, “yes, it is possible, or no, it is impossible, you have already blocked yourself.” You can’t investigate unless you keep an open mind. Is the Brain separate from the Me? Is the Observer different from the Observed (brain)? Am I my quality? My anger, my […]