Some concepts

  • Manifesting form from formless. You are the creator in that process.

  • Desire is created from the contrast of the universe.

  • To resist contrast is to resist desire, which is to go against the power of the universe.

We manifest what we vibrate.

It is your vibration that is matched, not the thoughts that make up the vibration.

Your vibration is determined by your flow of well-being,

High desire and high allowance = passion

Low desire and high allowance = contentment

High desire and low allowance = discomfort

Low desire and low allowance = suffering


1) Preparing an environment of well-being both inside and outside of yourself.

Outside= inspiring surroundings, nature, stillness, non-resistance, undisturbed,

supported by others, etc.

Inside= flowing without resistance, ease, mood is high, vibration is high.

2) Establishing an environment of well-being.

Pay attention to your inner experience.

Notice all experiences of unease.

Observe, without participation, in all restrictive thinking and feeling.

Wait until all resistance the restive thinking and feeling transmute or disappears.

Unattach from all resistance. Surrender to the presence of your resistance.

Appreciate, feel gratitude, accept the presence of all things.

3) Sitting in your experience of well-being.


4) Visualize and get clear about the desire.

Be specific or generalized (money, or abundance)


5) Get in harmony with the desire.

To create what we desire, we must be in an experience that harmonizes with that desire.

Visualize, pretend, interact with the desire as if it is already here.

Allow your passion and excitement to flow while interacting with the desire.


6) Allow your desire to unfold without your participation.

The universe takes care of the details

Law of attraction sorts things out and establishes the match with your desire.

7) Stay focused and excited about the journey toward the desire, rather than the manifestation of it.

It is a done deal.”

“I can see it coming.”

“It will be so exciting when it arrives.”

I am enjoying my anticipation.”

You “BE” and let the universe “DO”